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What is a travel nurse?

Travel nursing begins...

Due to a nursing labor shortage and nurse specialization in the early 80s, the travel nurse was born. Initially, nurses were brought into staff hospitals; for fulfill both permanent shortages and season shortages. As the "travel nurse" became more embedded in the nursing industry, the travel nurse expanded to fill "on demand" positions in specialized nursing areas.

Where is the travel nursing industry headed...

With baby boomers moving out of the work force and into retirement, economists predict nursing shortages to soar in the next 10 years. These economists estimate there will be over 1 million un-staffed nursing positions in the US.

What this means for nurse willing to travel...

It means choices and perks.

What is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a nursing professional who works with a staffing company and typically works at a hospital or healthcare facility in a temporary assignment that is usually 13 or 26 weeks. Travel nursing started as a means for these facilities to fill scheduling shortages resulting from census increases, maternity leaves and vacations. Get Started Now!

What are the benefits to being a travel nurse?

  • Travel the World
  • Great Job Selection
  • High Salary
  • Full Health and Medical Benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Pension and 401K Benefits
  • Housing

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